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Southern Halian Subcontinent

This end of the Halian subcontinent has largely been divided between Marloven Hess, and its long-tried neighbors to the south, who, once they'd been freed from the Marloven empire, worked strenuously to stay that way--especially after Marloven Hess's leadership found its way to dark-magic magery. The rugged, forest-and-mountain protected east coast was largely cut off from the empire (having only nominally belonged to it even during its height) but the beautiful rolling farmland of what had once been the Cassadas homeland had to band together with its neighbors to patrol those border hills south of Darchelde and what became Methden.

Once Darchelde was blasted by magic after the Unnamed rode with the Banner of the Damned into Norsunder, that area could be largely ignored: no one went there, Marloven or anyone else, excepting the occasional brigands, braver or more desperate than most. When too many of these never emerged again, everyone decided the area was haunted, and left it strictly alone.

The southern kingdoms developed into three distinct areas, Telyerhas (which was the remainder of the once-extensive Cassad lands), Toth, and Perideth. They spoke the same language, with gradual degrees of variation, and intermarried, signing a multiplicity of treaties over the generations. It was always a relief to them to hear that the Marlovens were once again so busy fighting amongst themselves they didn't have time to ride south, because everyone knew that if they did, few could resist them. And so they participated willingly in the conspiracy to keep the kingdom from getting any breaks in trade, and backed up Eneh Rual in its punitive tolls and tariffs.

All this began to ease when, to everyone's surprise, a handsome prince rode out of Marloven Hess with every evidence of wanting to like everything he saw, and to make friends, in the 47-teens. When he carried off the most popular princess in 4720, everyone (except possibly her disappointed swains) hailed the event as a new era of peace.

Unfortunately, that didn't last.

Countries in the Southern Halian Subcontinent

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