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Small polity that shifted in allegiance between Tser Mearsies and the small kingdoms that eventually coalesced into Erdrael Danara. The people here were ordinary human, so they never quite mixed with the Mearsieans, but when the Danarans began talking about their union, politics left Holan, then a county, out of the leadership, so they walked out of the meetings and declared themselves a kingdom. Basically it's a tiny kingdom that more resembles a small country, except for its thumping great tarriffs charged to the Danarans who use the Alassa River for trade, since the river traditionally was the responsibility of the Counts of Holan.

There is a lovely city in the extreme southern corner callen Narenc, which used to be on the route for the Music Festival, and still draws people traveling east to the Colendi Festival of the Silver Feather.

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