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Ereil has the unenvied distinction of being the primary buffer state between the Land of the Venn and the rest of the continent, protected only by the Shalon Ar, a river that regularly froze during winter, making it easy for the Venn marchers to make it over the border whenever they felt the need.

Admittedly the need had to be great, as Ereil is a lonely wind-swept land, cold and dry, its plains sparse except for a brief summer. When it was part of the empire, the harbor at the mouth of the Filsom River was one of the first Vennship outposts. These plains were largely were the Hilda, the foot warriors of the Venn, trained, for many generations. The miserable weather was considered to be part of the training: you had to be tough to endure.

When the Venn empire was broken, and they were forced by treaty to give up magic, this area was declared a kingdom by treaty. The problem was finding someone to run a government. The local fishers were all "Nothing doing" and no one in the south wanted to move up to a bleak area to be king over nothing. Thus the government has changed hands a lot--especially after a few Venn overrruns.

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