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A very old political entity indeed, left from the earliest Sartoran days. The governors of this entire area ws the Erga family. ("mar, marl, mard" at the front of words means death/dead-to-us or outcast, etc, but at the end of a word means "legacy") The Erga family once had a beautiful palace complex at the fork where the Nal Hamath meets the river between what is now Lamanca and Ergoramar: that river's name has changed as frequently as borders and governments. A trade town stands in the ruins of the old palace. The capital is now Kesrael Halaer, leftover names from the earlier days, built on the promontory above the main bend in the Nal Hamath, overlooking Lamanca, which in the bad old days was the southernmost reach of Fal. Canals have been carefully diverted to flow through the city, creating spectacular falls down to the river, which gives the Lamancan side something fine to look at.

The Erga family established a policy of luring potential rivals to its lovely houses, where entertainment from Sartor, Colend, and exquisite music influenced by the maulan of Hamara could always be found. Marriage instead of war, diplomacy instead of the sword. The term "Kergans" was derived from the old Erga, partly because descendants wanted the reminder of their distinguished past, but mostly because the term came to mean a civilized mode of living.

It's rich in land, but its wealth comes from being the main trade node for that end of the Lake area: traders bringing good from the port at Mardgar come up there, before turning east to travel down the Wern River toward the Strait of Elgar.

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