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Fhleria was settled by wandering people after the Fall, then colonized by the Venn, who needed the rich farmland there just above the belt of the world for food staples. While the Venn were busy with the far-flung empire and with troubles at home, the colony evolved into its own culture that owed less and less to the homeland, with its rigid hierarchy that did not permit any access to the upper reaches by the colonies. Above all the notion of service to the will of the Venn king became more unpopular as there was no pay-off, just more demands as the Oneli sea lords got to sail around conquering.

When the Marolo-Venn, the army outcasts, were driven out of the homeland, they passed through this area first, and here were sowed the seeds of dissent. The Hilda, the foot warrior, could not ever be held in as high esteen as the sea lords, yet this area was faithfully held by the Hilda; when the Venn were busy trying to save their crumbling empire, and fighting mage wars, this area reorganized itself, and finally when the tribute ships arrived, the Venn were presented with a choice: either pay customs duties, or go away. The Venn were unable to fight to regain the area, and so Segir was born--though the capital switched between Wan and Elda, where two rivers come together.

Government was established in what eventually became Fhleria as the people embraced Sartoran language and customs, trying them out and then adapting them, but beneath was a rigid structure based on the old Venn chain of command, and everything was organized around military service. The kingdom of Segir prospered for many years, unfortunately the notion of the elite and military service creating the usual problem: what do you do with a well-trained, much admired army? A couple of desperate attempts by the Venn to retake the area were fought off, postponing the question, and there were other wars as well, against pirates, Chwahir seeking a foothold in better land, and so forth. But finally the structure turned in on itself, and the country broke up along the lines of its main nobles, though more or less along the same cultural lines.

Though its neighbors strive to contain Fhleria without a coast, they still admire their military might enough to hire their warriors from time to time. This arrangement has actually worked: Fhleria gains what it needs, and its uniformed and well trained, swaggering bravos get to keep the public peace.

This happy state of affairs existed until the Norsunder war, when magic changed everything.

The capital is now at Atar Elda Ramarend. The language is a blend of old Venn and Sartoran called Eldamar; the root word means harmony or treaty--an irony grimly appreciated by scholars.

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