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Fildiri, like Ereil was a polity summarily created as a buffer against the Venn. For a number of years this is where alliance warriors were garrisoned in order to guard the border. Meanwhile, Old Narbon continued to be a major port, and very gradually the Venn were permitted to trade there, but for the longest time only after searches and other insulting requirements. It's a sheltered port, somewhat blocked from the terrible northwest winds, which makes it valuable indeed.

Unfortunately, as the alliance gradually disintegrated into mercenaries and sometimes outright pirates, the area gained an increasingly raffish reputation. The Coventi, the premier family, were descendants of one of the leaders of the alliance force, and later inherited the cushy post as garrison commanders. That gradually segued into the trappings of royalty, though they were regarded as most as pirates.

It wasn't until the Norsunder war that Hael Morvendrion used the recovery as an excuse to annex this area, clean it up, and run the harbor. The alliance had been jealous of the Morvendrion gaining more land, but afterward everyone (exept corrupt officials and pirates) benefitted so much, there were no steps taken.

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