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Segir was once the name of a large polity in this area of western Drael just above the Fereledria, where the land is relatively warm and has excellent soil. It's mostly farm country, and was for a long time one of the Venn colonies on which that empire depended for its existence.

When it broke away, the polity named itself Segir but its capital cities lay south in what eventually became Fhleria, where also its chief families established themselves. It's completely indefensible, though the Halmar family insists on a royal footing to keep equal with the neighbors, it protects itself by a complicated treaty in which Fhleria defends it, it trades mainly with Fhleria, and its troublesome and restless youth tend to be sent to Fhleria to be trained for army duty, which (it is hoped) they will learn some discipline and be of use.

The language is a blend of old Venn and Sartoran called Eldamar.

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