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Loss Arkend

This rich land between the Two Rivers was once the western end of the Colendi Empire. This region actually never wanted to leave the empire, unlike neighbors on the other side of the Wern River, and in points northward. Due to involved politics eventually the area was carved up into duchies, which were meant to have straight borders, but due to the sun's arc at that time of year, and the undulations of the river valley, the borders (assiduously marked by plinths) curved, which the subsequent dukes have always found faintly ridiculous, or at least, so they surmise others find them, of course assuming anyone outside their borders is interested enough to care.

Escept for a brief flirtation with unification under a stupid king six hundred years ago, these duchies have preferred the cachet of belonging to Colend to existing as nonentities on their own. They certainly scorn joining Melire or Eth Endra: the latter due to constant competition and rivary, and the former because it's considered a kingdom of farmers, with no vestige of art or style.

These areas are agricultural areas (yes, full of farmers) but the aristocrats, at least while young, have a tradition of traveling to Colend where to be court satellites is preferable to staying home. Some travel farther.

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