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Like Devreya this land was once part of Arland. Also like Devreya, it was often invaded by the Chwahir. The inhabitants have thus been good at vanishing into the southern forests, where morvende magic made existence so miserable for the conquerors (and successfully resisted Chwahir dark magic spells) that the Chwahir could never hold it long. But the fear of incursions has kept the population down, despite the beautiful cedar forests in the south, and the fine harbor at the western corner, which is a double city, Dalien Ash on this side.

Along the river old settlements persist, most with secret tunnels and trapdoors and false walls, due partly to the Chwahir but also due to pirate hideouts during the intermittent years of piracy. This area was notorious for being the local headquarters of the Brotherhood of Blood centuries ago. The people are mainly tall, dark descendants of the Gerandan Venn called Behrons, and the short, light, fair morvende-mixed people who call themselves the Asha.

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