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Mair Bereth

Ellora is the capital of an ancient empire before the Venn colonized, the last remnants of the northernmost reaches of Old Sartor. This city is built along the main river that borders the geliath-riddled mountains, and it is so beautiful with its carved marbles (some thin as paper) that the inhabitants have worked to change as little as possible for centuries. One can thus see the blend of architectural detail, the design to allow for the path of the sun at different seasons, that made Old Sartoran architecture unique.

This is also where the color people settled after the Venn were forced to accept the treaty that bound them to their land.

This city is the meet point for centaur historians and writers and others, so it's known as the book copying capital of the north, with a strong trade route over to Goerael Hier westward over the mountains. The main language is Esheth, but here you will hear tongues from all over the world.

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