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Sar Loriseh

capital Durasna

The "Sar" comes from the Sartoran "leader." After the northern empire broke up, Sar Loriseh became the prominent leader, largely on the strength of trade, as the main river comes all the way from Lanthera in the north, so river traffic and trade is crucial to the entire region. Riverboat life is as much a part of the culture as land life, though most of it is in the south in Aroth, Lorise, and especially here. There is an elaborate river culture established, and if one wishes to trade, one needs to be cognizant of it.

The name of the capital has changed a couple of times, but reverted back to Durasna, after a Durasnir who established a fair trade city, and ruled so well that the Durasnir family descendants still are connected to government there.

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