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Once part of Idayago, a province called Ghael. The first to break away from Idayago; the area has had quite a checkered history, later learning, through a connection with the Colendi, the benefits of peaceful negotiation and winning over enemies with smiles, gifts, and negotiations rather than treachery (and running for the mountains at the first sign of trouble).

About the only claim to fame (or infamy) was the Battle of Ghael Hills just below the northeast foothills of the kingdom, where the Marlovans of old completed their conquering of Idayago by routing an army roughly four times the size of their force that supposedly had ridden into a trap. Various local names had been given the area, mostly obscene, and definitely anti-Marlovan, none of them remaining. Now few know of that historic battle.

'Martan' was a duchy around the time Sartor was conquered, boosting itself to the lofty status of a kingdom so that it could control its single, small harbor. Largely farmland, with some wood gathering and wine-making, its main items of trade are cotton and wool, but the mountain villages are known for making exceptionally good beer. The rulers at the time of the Norsunder War are related to the Elsarions of Enaeran.

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