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Naraeth Kael

Capital: Kael

Ruling Family: Haljath

Language: Ferzhi

Naraeth Kael is the grand name that nobody outside the country uses. Everyone else calls this small kingdom Narieth, which was once the sea-access for Dantherei. The Narieth speak Ferzhi, they share the same customs as Dantherei, they send their young aristocrats to Dantherei for polishing, but they maintain an attitude of superiority based on their deep water harbor, which Dantherei must rely on for trade on the sea. (At least until the deep water harbor in Lygiera is finished.)

The ruling family, Haljath were once barons of Dantherei, but within this century claiming all the prerogatives of royalty, the wrong prerogatives, which has amounted to spending, entertaining beyond means, promising things that cannot be kept, and making trouble elsewhere. (Longer sighted historians give them another generation before they belong to Dantherei once again--unless they go to Lygiera.)

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