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Peninsular Countries

These tiny polities along the northeastern edge of Drael are fiercely independent of Hier Alveraen, poor as they are. There is some mining in the mountains, though most of that was exhausted centuries ago, mostly by the ore and gem miners of Hier Alvaraen. Fishing, ship building, sailing for others are main items of trade. The Shaer region was part of the Great Morvende Plot centuries ago, along with Goerael Haer over on Goerael, causing Norsunder to try to crush them. Much of their weave craft and other arts were lost by the morvende survivors' spreading into the general populace in order to hide in plain sight.

There are two small islands off Laderei on which the rare blue-white yeath live, and are partly domesticated by locals, who sell the soft fur for great price.

The other small countries are Onal, below Laderei, Erdal at the west end of the peninsula and Jaschal at the east end, above that is Hazlei and above that the Shaer. The geliath in those mountains was compromised and destroyed by the Norsundrians, which accelerated the ruin of ore and precious metal mining.

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