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Vandary is largely linked to Mair Bereth in trade, language, and everything else, with one distinction: the Yxubarecs settled here after they were driven out everywhere else, which caused them to be isolated, and as many intermarried and their chameleon ability has been inherited, Vandary still is regarded warily.

The worst of the Yxubarecs vanished in their own internecile struggles, and the remainder no longer copy faces and kill the originals for sport, but a bad rep lingers, and so the Yxubarecs tend to live in isolation in the north, shunned by the locals and by everyone else.

The capital is Pormir, the ruler Olin Eglandir, who has among his duties to appear and prove he is really himself, and not an Yxubarec replacement, just about every single time he passes a law someone doesn't like.

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