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Toth is a fairly modern polity, a kingdom only recently. For far longer it was an Iascan principality, falling to kingly cousins or second sons, called Choraed Elgaer until just before the Marlovans came south. The king's maternal cousins, the Tenthens, were prince and princess there; with agreement from the Cassadas royal family they made a peace treaty with a Marlovan family, the Algaras, thinking they were premier, but the Algaras had been sent south on a scouting foray. By the time the Tenthens (and the Cassads) learned their mistake it was too late, and Iasca Leror was overrun anyway, but it was largely peaceful as conquerings go, as the Cassadas kept their promise to the other families to protect them, and bought peace by marrying among the conquerors.

Toth fell back into the control of the Cassads when the Marloven empire broke up. It's always been an agricultural land, raising rye and producing extremely fine cotton-linen. Tethen Ferar is its capital, on the site of the old Tenthen castle, though the walls came down after the empire fell, and it grew into a fine trade city, mostly built of mellow golden stone.

This is the only place there are still stories of the famous Elgar the Fox, except he was never known by that name. Many local areas have "Inda" as the prefix--Indacamp, Indasbridge, Indasride, etc.

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