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Krend Erei is the capital of what was once the family lands belonging to the Cassadas family, who were the royal family of Iasca Leror before it was conquered by the Marlovans. The Cassadas were of old Sartoran stock, mixed with Toaran traders. They were excellent governors, insightful and intelligent. It was said that more than just traces of Old Sartoran gifts remained in them, as they were descended from Siar Cassadas and Adamas Dei of the Black Sword.

At any rate the famed Adamas Dei of the Black Sword chose their pleasant land to settle in, and married into the Cassadas family. He taught them the secret art of making extremely fine steel, folded thousands of times, so that the water mark would shimmer and sometimes the blade was dark. The Cassadas who developed the steal eventually established their capital at what later became Choreid Dhelerei after many centuries. Another branch stayed in the south, having nothing to do with steel-making. The branches diverged from Isa Cassadas, who had united for one year with a golden-haired youth her own age.

The branches stayed close, even after the steel-makers became kings of the Iascan lands. Unfortunately, this fine art was one of the attractions that brought the Marlovan conquerors. The Cassadas, finding themselves outmatched, managed to avert a general slaughter by a marriage treaty, bringing not only relative peace, but language, an alphabet, and farming methods along with their castles and furniture to the nomadic Marlovans.

When the Marlovan empire began to break up, the Cassads were leaders, guarding the border until finally, a sane-seeming Marlovan king came south to explore and learn something of his neighbors. This was Indevan Montredaun-An, father of the current Marloven king, Senrid.

Telyerhas is a quiet, agricultural land, its east forested and mountainous, in which ore is forged. The descendants of the old Cassads are the Casarod family. The government has a nominal monarch, but is divided into 'Krends' or crowns, the equivalent of duchies or principalities, with powers shared by guild councils, and presided over by the Krenda. It's a local music and arts nexus--the competition for pretty much all of southern Halia is held in its capital, participants contributing to a pot to send the winner to Colend for the yearly Music Festival.

Until the war, ruled by Senrid's maternal uncle Havlan

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