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A Sword Named Truth

This is the story that takes place at the same time as A Stranger to Command. It concerns Senrid (and Liere, and Jilo, and Yustnesveas Landis, and the M girls, among others) during that period--and what happened after Vidanric was sent home.

More is revealed about Rosey, met in the CJ Notebooks, and Erai-Yanya.

Met: the Keperis, Thad, Karhin, Lisbet, and Little Bee.

Veltos Jhaer, Head of the Sartoran Mage Council (most of whose member were thrust beyond time for a century)

Norsunder: Detlev, Siamis, Henerek of Everon, Kessler Sonscarna, Dejain

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