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Barefoot Pirate (Wren's World Version)

Barefoot Pirate

Publisher: Book View Café
Publication Date: February 19, 2011
Media Type: ebook
Pages: 175
ISBN: 978-1611380538
Available at: Book View Café, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

A mirror story of Barefoot Pirate written for Wren's World that split off into its own story.

This was an experiment like Crown Duel, and the novella Rule of Engagement which was cut out of Antiphony. Unlike these two, this version of Barefoot Pirate developed into its own storyline so distinctively that if Posse of Princesses does mildly well, I (Sherwood Smith) will change the names even farther, and let it get published, as I think it stands on its own as a spiff kidz' adventure.

In the original, the Warren kids get pulled out of LA by Lilith the Guardian, and send to S-d. Her motivations are more complex than the kids know at the time, but the adventure is a fun one even though the small brother and sister get scooped along by accident, so the girls (mostly Gloriel ) have to take care of them.

In the Wren's world version, there's a girl and a boy, with different stories and way different motivations for getting away. Their reactions when they get through the world gate are also wildly different. My thought was to explore that question that had been a cliche of other-world children's stories when I was young: that kid world travelers always had to go home. Sometimes they got to remember the adventure and sometimes they were forced to forget, or regard it all as just a dream, something I loathed as an utter betrayal. In this one, the question is there before the kids even in the middle of the adventure. What do you choose when you are able to choose, and why?

The circumstances of the adventure are only partly related to the one on S-d--that too evolved.

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