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Flauvic Merindar

Son of Arthal Merindar; Nephew of Galdran Merindar; Brother of Fialma Merindar. He is also a cousin to Vidanric Renselaeus. He was a page in Sles Adran for ten successful years after being sent out of Remalna for his own safety after the murder of several prominent nobles including his father. He is known for his extreme beauty, sharp wit, and reserved nature; he very rarely laughs. [1]


Flauvic is regarded as one of the most beautiful young men at court. Described as exquisitely beautiful by others, he is of medium height and very slender. He has long golden hair with ruddy highlights, and wide brown eyes so light that they look gold, or metal-colored. His eyes are one of his most distinguished features, being described as resembling gold coins and mesmerizing. He also dresses beautifully, with exquisite taste, although he looks good in practically anything. He has the gift of looking good no matter water and is regarded as an arbiter of taste at Court.


If Tamara Chamadis is the feminine embodiment of everything a "true courtier" would be, then Flauvic Merindar is definitely the male counterpart. Stunningly beautiful and graceful, extremely perceptive and intelligent, exasperatingly oblique and enigmatic, Flauvic Merindar is never without his gentle smile or pretty words. Although probably the most exquisite young man at Court, Flauvic is not the gentle and kind person he appears to be. He is not flirtatious and prefers to remain the quiet scholarly recluse, but when most girls get a look at his face, they engage in flirtation themselves. Flauvic knows this very well and has no scruples with innocently encouraging them to get his own way, claiming that those who let themselves be used deserve what they get. He dislikes mess but can be ruthless should he think it necessary, once killing a man just to show his enemies who they are dealing with. Flauvic does not believe that truth exists.

It's hard to sketch an exact picture of Flauvic's character because he's so adept at hiding his emotions. He almost always employs his Court Mask, and on the rare occasion that he drops it, it's intentional and means that he wants something or that he is deliberately protraying an emotion. He is incredibly adept to socializing in any situation, be it at a palace or inn, and rarely shows anything besides amusement and "gentleness". Flauvic can be very cruel; he enjoys toying with his victims and tells a thoroughly bewildered Meliara Astiar that he wishes she had "been granted the right tutor". However, it is likely that Flauvic is very emotion-starved, growing up in a cold and emotionless family, with the scheming and ambitious Arthal for a mother, the equally scheming and nasty Fialma for a sister, and a corrupt and unscrupulous uncle who assassinated his father. Flauvic has been deprived of love since early childhood, and without the devotion a child normally receives, instead sets out to prove his worth to his family. In fact, one of the major reasons Flauvic did what he did at the end of Crown Duel (Court Duel for those with the Crown and Court Duet), is because he wanted to prove he was better than his family.

But Flauvic is not a simple person. Although gifted with extreme beauty and not above using it unscrupulously to his advantage, Flauvic is actually incredibly insecure. He is exasperated and a little saddened by the way people always see his looks or look at his face, and then keep looking there and no deeper. He doesn't enjoy being the "prettiest person whenever he walks into a room" and wants to be known for something other than his beauty.


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