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Old Sartoran Gifts/Blessings

Old Sartorans are thought to have been much closer to the non-human beings on S-d than modern humans. [1] In Old Sartoran days people had access to several special gifts called "the Blessed Twelve." Old Sartoran gifts included the ability to control the aging process and an ability to talk mind to mind. Communication on the mental plane was the result of a unity of body, mind, and spirit known as dena Yeresbeth. This ability gifts disappeared with the fall of Old Sartor, but dena Yeresbeth begins to emerge again in certain children during the 4700s, along with disirad, another of the Blessings that disappeared and then reemerged.

An interesting trend starts to develop at this time: children are playing important roles in world events and are using youth spells to control their aging while they are involved in them. This trend seems to be related to the rebirth of the Blessings. Besides the children, only Old Sartorans know how to locate and identify those who are "making their unity," or achieving dena Yeresbeth. [2] Fleeing Peace reveals that the three known remaining Old Sartorans—Detlev, Siamis, and Lilith—are each searching for—and beginning to find—these children.

Certain of the Blessings never vanished, like the selense redien. Norsunder was never able to destroy those: when they blocked up one cave, another would form somewhere else in the same mountain.


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