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Fleeing Peace

Fleeing Peace

Publisher: Book View Café
Publication Date: February 27, 2011
Media Type: ebook
Pages: 426
ISBN: 9781611380545
Available at: Book View Café
Amazon, Barnes & Noble

E-book by Sherwood Smith. It was originally titled 'Barfabit' when Sherwood was 15 and has also been called 'Senrid and Liere's' first story.

Siamis Y Reverael has begun to take over and enchant the world. Meanwhile Norsunder is collecting children because it has become evident that dena Yeresbeth has reemerged in the world, and some children are developing it.

Two children, Senrid Montredaun-An and Liere Fer Eider, are fighting against these difficult odds. This story takes in most of the beginning story lines, and we get a world view (from a kid's perspective) of Sartorias-deles.

Synopsis (contains spoilers)

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