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Small nation barely registering in political realms, but with deep influence in the culture of the morvende. Took a terrible beating during the Norsunder war of 4759 because of its historical connection to Ilerien's supposed origins--but also because of the ancient magical pass, called the Golden Road, which leads to the Western Lands, and wafts maulan and morvende and chosen people given the signs past dangerous mountains and treacherous terrain. Norsunder laid waste to a lot of Flendereh in order to force those signs from the populace, with zero luck--whatever signs they wrenched from individuals turned out not to work.

The capital is Has Peri, and the ruler after the Norsunder war is Narian Kelish, who was twenty when the war started, and thus vigorous enough to survive it. The land itself is good farmland, with flax being the main export crop (see Alcandemer for its trade connections).

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