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Goerael Haer

The language spoken here, called "Erael" is once again Sartoran based.

This kingdom, with its lakes, mountains, and a thick, ancient forest of old growth and redwood, was a retreat during the Fall of Old Sartor. Some maintain that the morvende tunneled here at the same time as they took refuge below ground in Sartor's mountains, which may be true; the morvende, below the ground and thus out of touch of the sun's cycles, did not count years in their histories, but measured time by the lives of their great mage leaders, so it's difficult to say.

What's important is that more knowledge was preserved here than in Sartor, which was being systematically destroyed at the end of the Fall, when Norsunder lost control of its army, who launched into raid-loot-and-sestroy fun until nothing was left but a few buildings and towers too magically protected to smash, and there were no Sartorans left to weep over the wholesale destruction.

This was the good thing. The bad thing was the struggle to keep possession of precious records and thus of knowledge. The specifics of history do not make edifying reading; over the years and centuries mages left in disgust, founding or refounding various cities to begin again. Roth Drael and Bereth Ferian were both essentially truce or treaty cities, where Sartoran mages and Haerans buried their difficulties, left homeland politics behind, and began trying again to build "centers of knowledge and study."

This area came in for its turn for destruction during the Norsundrian pogrom against the morvende, who seemed to be rediscovering dena Yeresbeth. After that, Goerael Haer ceased to be a world center, but stayed the local center of knowledge and culture, and remains so to this day, for the continent of Goaerael. Borders have changed along with rulers and styles of ruling, but the coast of Sky Lake has remained one of the most beautiful places in the world, with tiled streets, harmoniously designed Old Sartoran buildings decorated with color which is an influence of the Venn. Sun windows and roofs make the best of light year round.

The island called The Silver Citadel in the middle of Sky Lake has about the most romantic history of any island in the world. By turns a prison for royal heirs, a retreat, a stronghold against Norsunder, and an aristocratic and mage playground, its center is one of the few undestroyed disirad buildings left. The rest of the citadel has been designed carefully around it, so that from a distance the city gleams like a crown above the lake.

This iridescent gleam is the result of the breaking down of what are called land pearls (halair), which are local to the area, never sold out of it. Rare and extremely costly. It is valued solely for its beauty, and for the way it causes buildings from a distance to resemble the ancient ones built of disirad. But it really is just super fancy paint.

Humans and morvende both share this citadel, bringing the best of both cultures to it, and taking back influence to enrich the homelands.

Goerael Haer has four 'capitals' (a notion desired from the Four Cities of Old Sartor); as borders have shifted about in marriage and political treaties, these four have changed, but Summer City and Autumn City have persisted, where Spring City has dwindled to a kind of university.

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