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Perideth was once a part of Iasca Leror, then, when falling to the Marlovans became Fera-Vayir and Jaya-Vayir, the latter shared with Cassad. Rich with excellent farm land, raising cotton on north-facing slopes in the north and sheep on the southern hills, Perideth has done well, being frequently called on to clear out infestations of pirates and outlaws from the Land Bridge. Its main harbor is Parayid, which is the first stop through the Narrows, and thus an important port.

Since the breakup of the Marloven empire it's been stable, but in the Norsunder war years, its youth had become decadent and lazy, while caused quite a bit of turmoil. There are signs that some nobles want to petition to become a Marloven protectorate, as their own government did nothing for them but spend tax money for new castles after the war.

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