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Principality of Drath

Sharing a language, Ferzhi, with its neighbors, Drath is a tiny principality lying along the tops of the border mountains between Lygiera and Ralanor Veleth. At first only tolerated as a buffer, the Herlester family has used its considerable wealth to build power. Garian Herlester would love to be a king, but only if he had enough power to gain a foothold in other lands.

Drath was historically a secondary stash-site for spare heirs or military-minded royal brothers or sisters when the entire area belonged to Dantherei. Drath could conveniently watch Ralanor Veleth from the west. When Dantherei was broken up, the principality was permitted to remain independent on the mutual signing of treaties.

Garian Herlester could call himself a king (he's as rich as one) but he is not as powerful as a king. He could call himself Emperor of Drath, and get laughed at, but he's too smart to mess with the trade and protection treaties with his neighbors. He's too dependent, and knows it.

The Herlesters have become increasingly demanding, but so far no one has wanted to take an army into the mountains to put down their aspirations, so the conflict continues on. Some neighbors feel that a hostile Drath is a very good way to keep Velethi expansion minimized.

Exports: wine and gemstones. Drathian wines, both blue and white, are extremely good.

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