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The Renselaeus Family

Famous among them was the one who married one of the children of Vasalya-Caidas Lassiter and Lasva Lirendi who settled Vasande Leror. The daughter married a descendant of the northern branch, helping to cement peaceful ties with what was left of Ideyago (Lorgi Idego); two Tlennen-Hess brothers eventually left Marloven Hess and adopted their sister’s new name as it had royal connotations, one becoming a spy under the cover of a wine trader, and the other a courtier. The family ties to Colend within a generation shifted to Sartor, though they kept up good trade relations with their cousins, the Lassiters of Alarcansa, for several generations: those connections dwindled to a strong interconnected webwork of communication by the time of Alaerec.

Members of the Renselaeus family

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