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"Evil Norsundrian" is about all the kid rulers of S-d know during the mid-thirties, when they first encounter him. Hibern of Marloven Hess is the first to identify him as an actual Old Sartoran. What the kids slowly discover just makes him seem more sinister: his name is Detlef y'Reverael ne-Hindraeldre, his mother Deteri Reverael, and his father Mathen Hindraeldre.

His early life was spent in training as a dyranarya--one of the healers who use dyra made of disirad in order to mend psychic/physical disturbance. He was extremely good at that, so good that he was accredited when he was barely in his teens. Many felt that he could use emotional seasoning, and he agreed; he was sent to get Guardian training, in peace and security, where he learned martial arts. Since he was already into sports and the like, strong and coordinated, he did well. He then became a target for the individuals who would later form Norsunder after trying to take control of the world.

He formed a dyranarya circle which was systematically hunted down and murdered. The entity known as Ilerian could move about in time, which no one knew. Ilerian and Svir's plot, after the capture of Detlev, made clear to Detlef that he alone was responsible for yanking a promising young morvende--known for his brilliance as well as his brains and beauty--from farther up the timestream, and converting him to evil to become the truly terrifying Ilerian of Norsunder. Morvende were not known in Ancient Sartor, so the apparent truth was Ilerian's startling (and beautiful) appearance. That contributed to convincing the Ancient Sartorans that Detlev had truly used his talents to destroy the world in the future, and it isolated him from everyone but his circle, who began, like him, to suspect that Ilerian was not human. But by then it was too late.

His nephew Siamas (who later came to be known as Siamis Y Reverael), the only one left alive of his family, was hunted down and trapped by Efael and Yeres (she changed her name to Yeres as a strike at Dena Yeresbeth) of Norsunder, to be played with until Detlef's surrender. These two events caused him to surrender himself, and Sartor fell soon afterward, but it was so diminished there was little prize left to possess, so Norsunder withdrew from the world for a considerable time in order to let the world become worthy of possession again--and until Detlef could be brought to run to their command. As a Norsundrian away from time, he put his considerable study skills to work at becoming the very best at every aspect of war.

Between the Fall of Old Sartor and the 4740's Detlev has been working for Norsunder and assuming various guises including Ramis of the Knife in the Inda stories. When he dropped the guises, he modernized his name to Detlev, leaving off his family names.

This is as far as anyone knows by the year 4740; as for Detlev's intentions and motivations, it can be said that he gives another layer of meaning to the term anamnesis . . .

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