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Jonnicake Auknuge

Son of Glotulae Auknuge


Glotulae Auknuge had a son as a plan to marry him off to Clair Sherwood eventually, so that she could become a queen of a kingdom larger than that belonging to her brother, Fudalklaeb Auknuge. As a result of her upbringing, Jonnicake (called "PJ" by the Mearsiean girls led by CJ--was pretty much of a nightmare. Having his rank (which was bogus) dinned into his ears from babyhood gave him the enormous sense of privilege that his mother was strenuously trying to make a reality, but actually, quite early on, he suspected that some kind of uncomfortable truth lay behind her very efforts--and the fact that the world outside of their so-called royal city (which was a trade-market town built up to his mother's tastes) hadn't the least respect for either of them.

His mother's carefully chosen court for him (mostly flatterers and hangers-on, and at least one bully) don't help much. Flattered at every turn, Jonnicake is smothered in falsity at home, with the result that every single encounter outside of home is a nightmare. Protest in his mother's language and paradigm is, at first, the only tool he has. He seemed to be just like Mumsie for a long time--until he was wrested from her influence. His life took some surprising turns.

His situation is at its worst when he finally realizes that though his most persistent enemies, the Mearsiean girls, loathe Jilo Sonscarna, the heir to Kwenz Sonscarna, at least they have a rudimentary if exceedingly grudging respect for his magical abilities. And his brains are half-enchanted out, or so Glotulae gloatingly reminds him. But for Jonnicake himself, there is no respect, nothing but scorn, and the expectation of laughter.

He reaches the age of fifteen, wondering who could possibly respect anyone with the name "Jonnicake"?

So he begins to spy on his enemies--when he can get away. He's of course soon spotted by Ben Sherwood, who unexpectedly leaves him alone. And because he's spying, Jonnicake gets inadvertently swept off-world to Geth along with the Mearsiean kids, when Siamis makes his second try.

His second adventure, even more fraught than the first, is when the Songre Silde kids are on the run from Norsunder with Jilo's stolen book from Chwahirsland. But this time Jonnicake, for the first time, is able to act. Even in a small way. But it makes a world of difference.

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