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Mearsies Heili Bounces Back: CJ's Second Notebook

Mearsies Heili Bounces Back: CJ's Second Notebook

Publisher: Norilana YA Angst
Publication Date: January 2009
Media Type: Trade Paperback
Pages: 324
ISBN: 1607620162
Preceded by: Over the Sea: CJ's First Notebook
Followed by: CJ's Third Notebook
Available at: Book View Café, Amazon

Sequel to Over the Sea: CJ's first Notebook, this contains the second, third and part of the fourth notebooks of stories that Sherwood wrote about the Mearsies Heili gang.

In this notebook, CJ and the girls are back, plus Puddlenose. They get outside of MH for the first time, and encounter Captain Heraford. There's a bit of his backstory. There's also the first mention of "Rosey" the "villain" Clair knew as a kid, but nothing about who he is until the very end.

PJ and Fobo are also continuing. Met for the first time is Jilo Sonscarna, heir to Kwenz, and Shnit Sonscarna, Kwenz's brother.

In the second half, CJ meets Rel. It does not go well.

Synopsis (contains spoilers)

Other Editions

Over the Sea: CJ's First Notebook is also available as an ebook:

PublisherBook View Café
Publication DateMay 1, 2011

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