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I've been in love with fantasy stories all of my life -- it's not much of a stretch to say that Tolkien is responsible for my degree in linguistics. I'm very Type-A when it comes to information (though not when it comes to actual housekeeping...), so expect to see me doing a lot of organizing around here. I'd be a terrible writer but I love world-building, so I'm tremendously excited to nose through Sherwood's beautiful world :)

I'm now reading Over the Sea, then Mearsies Heili Bounces Back

I've already read (all in ebook edition): Inda series, Banner of the Damned, Poor World, Hunt Across Worlds, Sartor, Senrid, Fleeing Peace, A Stranger to Command, The Trouble With Kings, Crown Duel, Once A Princess, Twice A Prince, Remalna's Children, "Masks"

My favorites are the sarcastic Marlovens. Also the history and the maps and the languages. I wonder if Senrid would let me lurk in his office?

My current wiki project is expanding the Category system: adding categories to individual pages, sorting the categories themselves into a manageable hierarchy, and modifying the character lists so that they're automatically generated based on categories (see, e.g., Colendi Characters).


Comments? Advice? Questions? If you'd like to leave me a message, put it here!

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