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Guide to CJ's First Record

Note: Contains Spoilers!


Chapter One

The novel opens with the protagonist, a young girl (who does not reveal her name), describing her home, Earth. In her opinion Earth is dirty and ugly, and she doesn't feel like she fits in. She dreams about another world with a young girl who lives in a green place and gets to have lots of fun.

One night the girl can't sleep, so she goes outside, and the girl she saw in dreams is sitting on the fence. Her name is Clair. They tell each other stories and Clair talks about her home, Mearsies Heili. The girl says that the most beautiful name she can think of is Cherene, and Clair says Jennet. Clair has to leave then but promises to return.

Eight days later Clair returns. She shows the protagonist a magic illusion, talks more about her home, and they visit the beach.

Clair's visits continue, but the protagonist keeps them secret from her family. She loves the visits and does not want them to end.

Chapter Two

Clair returns to see the protagonist again, and we learn that the protagonist feels very little towards her family and that Clair has no family except a cousin she rarely sees.

Clair has exciting news on her next visit: now she can take the protagonist back to her world. They transfer by magic to a large white palace floating on a cloud. The protagonist meets Sherry, a friend of Clair's, and the three girls go down into the woodland below the cloud to explore. Near the end of the visit the protagonist is estatic to realize that she can come back to Mearsies Heili.

Chapter Three

The protagonist describes her next three visits to Mearsies Heili and explains that she loved that world so much she was becoming even more unhappy on Earth. She worries that someday Clair will not come back for her and she will never get to return to Mearsies Heili.

On her fourth visit she meets Irene and Seshe. Just as they are starting a game they are interrupted by a group of young brats, including Prince Jonnicake Auknuge, who are planning on building a retreat within the forest. The protagonist gets the idea to throw seedpods at the group to force them to leave, and Clair and the other girls think this is a great idea. They drive the young brats out of the forest, and the protagonist suggests they have a patrol to keep them out and an underground hideout to take breaks in. The protagonist also declares that Prince Jonnicake should be known as PJ.

Chapter Four

As this chapter opens, the protagonist is facing a problem: no bathrooms in sight in Mearsies Heili. So after some embarrasment it is explained to her that they have a waste spell, and she is taught how to use it. The girls then discuss the differences between Earth and Sartorias-deles in this regard.

The next visit to Mearsies Heili, and Clair is excited to show the protagonist the underground hideout she has been working on. It is a round room with soft light and air coming through the plant roots. There is also another new girl, Diana.

Two more visits, and the protagonist meets Faline and Dhana. When trying to come up with a name for their new underground hideout the protagonist comes up with the Junkyard, then shortens it to the Junky. The protagonist also reveals to Seshe that she is afraid to talk about certain things or ask some questions because she doesn't want to offend Clair and not be able to return to Mearsies Heili.

Chapter Five

Time on Earth is continuing to move, and the protagonist is worrying that she soon will be too old to go to Mearsies Heili. When Clair next takes her to Mearsies Heili, the protagonist explains her feelings, and in return Clair explains that she sometimes doesn't bring her to Mearsies Heili when there is danger because she lost a friend to Yxubarecs when she was small. Clair also explains that she is Queen of Mearsies Heili.

Clair invites the protagonist to stay, and she is overjoyed to accept the invitation. Clair performs a spell to make it as if the protagonist had been born in Mearsies Heili, and it even changes her looks. Clair also performs a spell to keep the protagonist a child until she wants to grow up. The protagonist chooses the name Cherene Jennet Sherwood as her new name and Faline quickly shortens it to CJ to rhyme with PJ.

Chapter Six

CJ is settling in well at Mearsies Heili; she finds all the differences from Earth just wonderful. However, she is not liking her new nickname, CJ, but after a talk with Seshe she decides to compromise, for the time being anyway. Irene takes CJ shopping.

Chapter Seven

Clair asks CJ if she wants to learn magic, which CJ is excited to learn. Clair also sets up a few precautions for the girls in case they get captured by Yxubarecs or Chwahir. CJ meets Hreealdar, the magical being who chooses to be a horse around the Mearsien girls. CJ is embarrased by her inability to ride a horse, so she vows to herself to practice.

Next Clair shows CJ the Shadowland, where the Chwahir who are trying to take over Mearsies Heili live.

Chapter Eight

CJ starts her magic lessons with Clair. Clair also asks CJ to start keeping records of events that happen to the girls and the kingdom.

CJ reflects on the fact that she does not miss earth at all. She loves her new home and everything about it. During her free time she is practising riding Hreealdar.

One day CJ is spying out her window at Glotulae Auknuge's land when she notices that there is some unusual activity going on. She decides to get the girls (except Clair who is busy working) ralied to go spy in the squashed wedding cake. They leave but CJ has misjudged the distance so they stay one night at an inn along the way.

Chapter Nine

The girls arrive in Glotulae Auknuge's city midway through their second day of travelling. When PJ upsets a man's cart with his horse and threatens that man with jail CJ steps in to defend him. PJ threatens to arrest CJ so CJ reveals who she is and some of the city guard step in to take the entire group before Glotulae.

When the girls arrive in Glotulae's throne room CJ is horrified by the clashing colors and ridiculous decorations that seem to permeate both the castle and Glotulae's appearance. When CJ confronts Glotulae she threatens her with magic and puts an illusion on PJ's face to make his nose look like a pig snout. Laughing the girls escape and return to the junky.

Chapter Ten

Celebrating their victory over Glotulae, CJ decides to nickname her Fobogabof or Fobo for short. CJ and Seshe have a discussion about whether or not PJ is incurably evil, which Seshe maintains he isn't.

A few days later Diana comes running to CJ and Clair saying an army is marching from Glotulae's city towards their forest. CJ and Clair manage to stop the army using spells to gather water making the ground dangerously slippery.

Because of the transfer spell necessary to get from Clair's palace down to the junky, CJ decides they need a faster way and Clair enchants a desk blotter that can communicate with other enchanted desk blotters. In typical CJ style she comes up with naming it MP for magic pen.

Chapter Eleven

After quite a few days of steady rain, one day Seshe is out on patrol and does not return to the Junky. When the girls search the forest they cannot find her.

The story then switches to Seshe's point of view when she is kidnapped by a Yxubarec. The Yxubarec, Moniheya, transforms into a copy of Seshe but is frustrated because she thinks that Seshe is still prettier. Seshe says that maybe it is because she is happier inside than Moniheya, which Moniheya refuses to believe. She finally guesses that it must be Seshe's medallion (which connects her to Clair in case of danger) and throws it away.

When Moniheya throws the medalion it automatically transfers and lands on Clair's desk. She then transfers to Seshe and Moniheya. Clair threatens Moniheya and summoning Hreealdar escapes with Seshe.

Chapter Twelve

Despite CJ's original hatred of her nickname she now has adapted because she realises that is the girls private nickname for her but when they are infront of other people they use her full name. This gives her a sense of belonging.

One day they find PJ and his friends wandering the forest talking about how they will show the girls who is boss and stop them from coming around the forest. CJ can't stand it anymore and confronts PJ and his bullies but they start to beat her up, pushing her in the mud. However some of the girls, Diana, Dhana, and Irene come to the rescue throwing rotting fruit at PJ and his creeps. PJ and company are forced to leave the woods and the girls wander back to the junky trying to think of ways to stop PJ. CJ comes up with one of her most creative ideas-Duel to the Pie!

Chapter Thirteen

The next day PJ and his friends return eager for a fight with the girls. CJ, however, is ready and she and the girls take the boys by surprise with their very first duel to the pie. Of course PJ can't take it very long and he leaves with his entourage.

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen

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