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Story Timeline

Inda: 3894 Indevan Algara-Vayir born. 3904 Tvei plan instituted. Story set 900 years before Senrid. 1st book ends 3910.

The Fox: sequel to Inda. (3910-3914)

King's Shield: 3rd book covers spring and summer of 3914.

Treason's Shore: 4th book covers from Autumn 3914 through the Great Frost of '63


Time of Daughters, split into two books, begins roughly a century following Inda's death.

Banner of the Damned: (of which “Summer Thunder” is the middle part). Takes place 400 years before the books set in modern times (Crown Duel,etc). roughly in the early 4400s


4730-'33 MH 1-8 (MH stands for Mearsies Heili

4733 MH 9 CJ's Fourth Notebook: Poor World: CJ & girls face Kessler

4733-'34 MH 10,11 CJ's Fifth Notebook: Clair and Puddlenose go north to Bereth Ferian Norsunder at Bereth Ferian , and Kessler comes back to keep a promise, sweeping CJ & girls into world events

'4734-5 (Summer, Fall)The Spy Princess , Sartor : events in Sarendan, Sartor.

CJ's Sixth Notebook: Hunt Across Worlds Arthur is taken prisoner to Earth, leads straight into Wnelder Vee, Everon events. Concurrent stories: Dtheldevors The Barefoot Pirate, and Senrid's story, which ends just before New Year's of '36.

4736-'37 In Fleeing Peace four different threads come together: The Sartor thread (above), the Everon thread, and last the Mearsies Heili thread and Senrid's thread. In this story, Senrid meets Liere and Siamis.

4736-42 MH girls return to discover Shnit Sonscarna took MH. A Sword Named Truth

4739-'42 A Stranger to Command

4743 The Trouble With Kings

4744-53 Detlev's boys "Poopsie arc"->-A Sword Named Truth, Firejive, Dark Side of the Sun

4749 Crown Duel Vidanric meets Meliara

4753 Sasharia en Garde Khanerenth/ Merindars.

4758 The Wicked Skill Liere and Atan romance/adventure

4758-'59 Ship Without Sails (Norsunder War cycle begins)

4759 Under Running Laughter

4759 Fled Down the Days

4759-'60 A Chain of Braided Silver (ends war cycle)

4760-'67? Bridges--a number of smaller stories

4765 Wargame

4769-70 And Felt Along the Heart

4770 Antiphony

4769 Beauty" (Published in Firebirds anthology)

4772 ''Court Ship (Published in Firebirds Rising) and right after, "Masks", published in The Feathered Edge

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