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All About Magic

Magic on Sartorias-deles can most easily be described as “energy," a pool of magic potential that can be held and shaped to produce a desired effect.[1] Humans were first taught magic by the indigenous beings of Sartorias-deles after they arrived there through a world gate. They first learned how to shape magic mentally, but humans lost this ability after the fall of Old Sartor, nearly destroying themselves and the magic potential of the world in the process. Later, when human populations recovered and people had regained knowledge of magic, magic was controlled by words and gestures, which were not inherently magical, but used to contain magic. This modern version of magic occurs in two 'mirror-image' forms: dark magic, so called because it uses up magic potential, and light magic, which keeps the amount of magic potential in balance.

General Topics


Magical Objects

Magical Spells


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